During this Christmas season, our community has discussed five financial boundaries that can become a part of your lifestyle.  Here are a couple of boundaries that could relieve you of some pressure going into the Christmas holiday.
Financial Boundary #4 – Avoid feeling obligated to purchase a gift for everyone.  Establish and make your intentions known before Christmas day.
The Christmas season is upon us.  Some feel pressured to buy gifts out of obligation, whether in the workplace, with friends, or with family.  I encourage you to relieve yourself of that stress.  When you have given your best, that’s enough.  Remember that Jesus Christ is the real reason for the season.
Financial Boundary #5 – Do not allow negative thoughts, talk, and negative people to influence your journey to financial freedom and wellness.
When you’re facing a hardship, some people mean well when saying things like, “I am in the same boat.  Or, that’s the way it is; everybody is going through.”  These comments are a red flag.  Words are powerful.  So, set financial boundaries and be careful what you allow into your heart concerning your situation.  Own where you are but speak positively about where you’re going.
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Christine Roebuck, CEO