Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I can’t wait until my ship comes in?”  At times it will appear that your ship is sinking instead of coming in.  Don’t abandon ship!  It may seem that everything about your finances are going wrong and you are at the lowest possible place that you have ever been.  Maybe you are at a place in life where you can never quite seem to become current on your bills, your credit score is at its lowest, family and friends are still relying on you for support, you are experiencing a job layoff or illness and you cannot get back on top?  Maybe your thought is what else can go wrong?  Let’s turn that question around and say, “What else can I EXPECT to happen that is right?”  Always inspect what you expect.  If wrong things are expected, that will become your reality.  In contrast, if you are expecting better days, GET READY, they are on the way.

On your financial journey and in life, unexpected life events will happen.  Just remember that once you have experienced the worst, better days are within reach.  If you feel like your ship is sinking, don’t jump ship – stay the course; things will settle down.  The best thing to do when your finances are spiraling out of control is:  “STOP EVERYTHING!”

  • Stop overspending – Only make necessary purchases, such as food and gas
  • Step away from the debit cards – Make “cash only” purchases. Swiping is easy – separating from cash is more emotional; it’s not as easy to depart with it.
  • Seek professional counsel/guidance – Receiving assistance from a trusted financial counselor or adviser could provide you with the necessary tools to improve your situation.  Make the appointment!
  • Welcome change – Change is a necessary for getting your finances back on track.

It takes work to ensure that your ship stay afloat and come in.  Make an effort today to prevent your ship from sinking;  remember to “STOP EVERYTHING!”  While I am far from being an expert on ships. Metaphorically speaking in this analogy regarding your finances; you may have to run aground, get things organized enough to push back out into smooth sailing waters.

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