My Journey

My journey towards debt freedom began after making many wrong choices in my young adult life, which led to a desperate decision to start making right choices.  Living paycheck to paycheck was not the lifestyle that I desired.  Everything I had attempted to do to get out of the grip of debt failed, until I heard a biblical teaching on getting out of debt God’s way.

My journey continued with studying and learning more about what God had to say about money.  I began to read books and various money magazines in an attempt to become the best student of my finances as I possibly could.  I became debt free within four years by applying biblical principles, coupled with my professional knowledge in finance, changing my behaviors and adjusting my thought process.  Three years later, it seemed as though the pattern of becoming over-extended began to repeat itself.  I realized that a debt free life is a stress free life and decided once again to turn back to God’s way of managing my finances and re-implemented simple behavioral changes that are shared in my blogs.

My goal is to share the knowledge, that is a God-given gift, with as many people as I possibly can and hopefully decrease the number of divorces by sharing with couples how to communicate about money. More than 84% (Learning to Live Financially Free, 2009) of people surveyed said that money causes tension in their marriages.

Over 16 years ago, my husband and I had accumulated more than $100K of credit card debt and decided to start digging our way out.  We have changed our view about money, continuing to apply biblical principles, exchanged bad behaviors with new good behaviors,”STOPPED CHARGING,” and that debt has been paid in FULL!  I look forward to hearing about your journey and current success, as you began to take control of your own destiny towards living your best life ever, “Debt Free”.

Christine Roebuck/CEO

Whalen, Marybeth and Curt;(2009) Learning to Live Financially Free