Couples, money and working together at times seems like an oxymoron.  Many couples struggle to find ways to openly discuss their finances, let alone manage their finances together and do it well.  Trust and honesty are essential to ensure that the aforementioned happens effectively.  I have listed some poignant points that should be considered while you ponder on the importance of working together as a couple. 

1)      Honesty – Determine why you find such difficulty being brutally honest with your spouse about your finances.

2)      Trust – Ask yourself, why are there trust issues relating to your finances?

3)      Work together – Are you willing to work with your spouse for the best interest of your family?

4)      Win together – You are on the same team!  Work together, win together!

5)      Ask for help – Do not be afraid to seek and vet skilled financial professionals that could help guide you through the debt maze. 

Once you have assessed these thoughts, make the decision to take action and cause change to happen.  Honesty and trust are two foremost keys to managing your finances together.  Breaking down these two barriers could act as a pathway to a more focused and successful strategy to meet your financial goals and live your dreams.  Lastly, ask for help!  As a team, it is imperative that you shift your strategy from working against your spouse or significant other and consider working with a financial counselor/coach that could help you to create a winning strategy that works for your family.

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