How financially fit have you become since the first week of January. I think some of you secretly are taking the 52 Week Money Challenge with me; even though NO ONE committed verbally or by e-mail. (Smile)

I dare those of you that choose to get financially fit to build up those new behavioral muscles, that will ultimately cause that emergency fund you have been putting off to become a reality. Although my husband and I have an emergency fund, we desire to have a more robust fund. What about you?

“Trying to get rid of an unwanted habit is a bit like trying not to think about an elephant (the more you try not to think about it, the more you think about it). That’s because what you focus on, grows. Which is why people who put a lot of energy into focusing on what they don’t want, by talking about it, thinking about it, complaining about it, or fretting about it, usually get precisely that unwanted thing. It’s tough to get rid of the habit you don’t want by facing it head on. The way to accomplish it is to replace the unwanted habit with another habit that you do want. And creating new and better habits, ones that empower and serve you, is something you know how to do. You do it the same way you built any habit you have: one step at a time. Baby steps. The slight edge.”
― Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness

It is always more motivating to have a good workout partner when you are aiming for a targeted goal. Let’s do it together! There is still time to start; 47 more weeks to go. If you have spent $15.00 on your morning coffee, a movie, cigarettes, shopping or other kinds of entertainment. Would you agree that by taking this challenge, transforming your unwanted habits by implementing good behaviors, you could transform your lifestyle?

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