This is a New Year, New Day!  Your mistakes, unfulfilled dreams and unmet goals are in 2017.  Resolve to move forward, dream new dreams and set new goals.  Every dream and/or goals that you set will have a monetary need attached to it.

Therefore, be intentional with your decisions this year.  What do I mean by that?  There are some important steps to take before you decide to make any large purchases, payoff any debt, create any new debt (applying for more loans or credit cards).  Stop and take inventory.  Have your prayed about the direction you’re planning for in 2018?  Does your plan benefit your family?  Have you solidified your spending plan?

Prayer is the key to seeing your plans succeed (Proverbs 16:3).  We often fail to ask God, what’s His plan for our lives are and we waste of lot of time and energy treading in shallow water.  God has promotion and prosperity in mind for you and your family (Jeremiah 29:11).  Remember, be intentional.

First, forgive yourself for making wrong choices in 2017.  Second, “Dream Bigger”!  Set new audacious goals and don’t be afraid of succeeding.

Solidify your spending plan – Having a solid plan is essential and acts as a road map for your financial journey.  You would be surprised the distance you could go, the things you could accomplish, when you know where you are going.

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Happy New Year!