A crisis or a hiccup can occur at any given moment in your life.  Are you prepared for the unexpected? A LMLDF participant, Sharon Holliday shared with the class how having her finances in order made things less stressful when she experienced an unexpected “hiccup” that could have negatively affected her finances.  She shared some good financial disciplines that she learned at an early age.  For example, Sharon saved her ice cream allowance while other children spent theirs and opted not to go to certain outings in an effort to save money.  Sharon adopted and built upon those behaviors as an adult which positioned her to be in a good financial place when a recent life event happened.

Sharon shared with the class that as a result of her disciplined behaviors; she is funding a retirement plan, her car is paid in full, owns a business, a cable bill that is under $20.00 per month and a mortgage that will soon be paid three months ahead.  These milestones did not come easy.  Some time ago Sharon made a lifestyle change and haggled with the cable company to get her bill lowered.  She spoke of sacrifices that she made along the way, such as taking time to cook her own breakfast and lunch before work instead of buying it from a fast food restaurant.  Sharon Holliday says, “I am frugal”.

Being frugal and conscious about your future and that of your family is a smart decision and could also position you to be prepared when an unforeseen life event takes place.  Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Great job Sharon!!!  Keep up the good work!!

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