Hello Everyone!!

It’s Friday, but not “Black Friday”, yet. Don’t be the mouse that get caught in the big retailers trap.  Use the mouse in this interactive article that will empower you, before your visit to the brick and mortar giants next week.

The tips in the article below could save you hundreds of $$$$ and for some, thousands.  For example:

1)  Did you know there are strategist that study consumers behaviors and arrange items in strategic places throughout the stores, to cause you to shop for items that are not on your list to purchase?

2)  The music is also a part of the plan to entice consumers to shop longer.

3)  Have you ever wondered why the clearance racks are in the back of the store?  Click on the link below and get some quick tips that will help you to create your own strategy to SAVE $$$!!

Thanks for sharing this article with us Vaughan Rudisill!  (http://www.cnbc.com/id/102200091)

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