Breaking Generational Curses!

I met Ruth at a department store where part of her responsibility is to offer customers the opportunity to open a credit card. I kindly said no thank you and shared that I have not used a department store credit card in more than 20 years, that I prefer paying cash or using my debit card. Ruth said “I am down to two credit cards and then I will be debt free”.  Her goal is to payoff both credit cards by December 2014! Way to go Ruth!!

Life happened and Ruth faced some unfortunate circumstances and she had to file bankruptcy. What is exciting about her story is that she did not allow that incident to define her. She is driven and focused and on target to slaying the dragon, debt.  Not only is Ruth breaking free, she shared that she is teaching her son how to be responsible using one credit card or not using them at all. She says that she is training him and it will be up to him to make right decisions when he is older.

Parents, remember to teach the next generation how to break free and stay free. Trust me; they are watching how you handle your finances. Outstanding job Ruth!


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