Cease Comparing.  To do otherwise could be very costly in more ways than one.  Do you stress to impress?  Comparing your lifestyle with others could place undue stress on you; mind, body and spirit.  In my opinion, comparing lifestyles seems to be a big problem in our country; among friends, families and neighbors.   Some people worry/stress themselves over trying to keep up with the Jones’s.  We want the biggest house, the fanciest and fastest cars, designer purses, designer shoes, tailor-made suits and every high-tech gadget on the planet.  Let me clarify that everyone should enjoy and have dominion over the things of the earth, not the other way around.  If your bank account can handle these things; no problem.  If you have resulted to robbing Peter to pay Paul, to impress others, re-assess your priorities.

There are consequences to stressing to impress.  It’s too often that people will go DEEP in debt to impress others, that are not paying the credit card bill, house payment or car payment.

Pegues (2006) raised a (30 Days to Taming Your Finances) couple of important points that I want to share:
1) Stressing to impress others places certain expectations on you to live above your means.

2) Pegues says, “People who live beneath their financial means have longer and more fulfilling lives than those who do not”.  Let me add to this, live within your means, but not beneath your privileges.

It’s always okay to dream bigger and have better things in life.  However, be grateful for what you have.

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