Today is a great day to walk to the beat of a different drum!

If the rhythm of your abilities to change certain behaviors that are causing you to be off-balance; dare to change those precepts that are not progressive.  For example, if you cannot seem to get back into the habit of logging your expenditures to bring your spending under control and clarity to your bottom line; it is good idea to change the beat of that drum.

Perhaps your investments do not match your retirement goals; change the beat of the drum.  Maybe you are more precise at planning for vacation than retirement or for your everyday needs; change the beat of that drum.  Did you overspend this summer on activities for your family vacation and there is little money for school supplies and college books, tuition, linens, furniture etc.?  Change the beat of that drum!

No gas money, but you splurged over the weekend or eat out every day for lunch or dinner; change the beat of that drum.  Whatever the answer in the aforementioned cases, change the beat of your drum; something is off.  The moral of the straight talk today is, take a step back and think.   Are your priorities in order?  Get back in step today; you can change the beat of your financial drum.

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