This week I have the great pleasure of highlighting an amazing woman for her good deeds and willingness to share her couponing knowledge that is changing lives.  My desire is to see people empowered and thrive beyond measure.  I stopped by the grocery store yesterday for a couple of items needed for  a recipe and observed three people methodically shopping, then proceeding to the checkout stand, in sync, using coupons. 

Out of curiosity and amazement of the amount of money they saved, I introduced myself to a wonderful woman by the name of Carol (on the left).  I ask, how long she had been couponing and she shared her story.  I have permission to share it with you!  In 2009, Carol lost her job and she became inspired to start couponing.  Carol has a strategy that works for her family and she has extended her knowledge to her siblings, church family and neighbors.  She says every Wednesday and Sunday she shops at her local grocery store and takes advantage of double coupon days.  This particular day she made it a family affair with two of her eight siblings (nine including her), brother and sister seen in the background.

Carol shared that on one shopping stop, the grocery store owed her $8.00.  That is definitely an expert in action.  She shared that her husband is on board and he has dedicated their garage for her very own personal storage/store.  Carol, uses some of her coupon deals to bless other people.  I am highlighting Carol because she is exemplary of “Applied Knowledge” in action.  She is changing generations!  All eight of her siblings are teaching their families to do the same. 

Perhaps you do not want to do couponing on this level, but use the practical steps of shopping on double couponing days and save.  Carol demonstrates strength, determination and motivation.  Her story is a testament, that no matter what you may be facing, there is always a way to find ways to avoid bursting your budget.  Kudos to you Carol!!  Great work!

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