The third “C” to getting a financial break through is “Change”.  We have discussed that deciding to do something different, shifting your priorities and effectively communicating with your creditors are paramount.  We have also discussed the importance of making a commitment to yourself and seeing it through.  Finally, taking a leap of faith and choosing to change is the next step to a “Next Level” experience in your finances.

Three things to consider during your quest to take the plunge towards change:

What the specific changes include:  In order for your changes to be effective, you must be specific.  For example, understand why a strategic plan is needed.  Analyze your personal financial portfolio, inclusive of the problem areas and determine the metrics you will use for growth.  Questions to consider:  What is your current financial position?  Where are you having the most difficulty?  How will you rectify the problem?

Who they will impact?  Consider your family members (spouse/children) or significant other.  Getting everyone involved and on the same page will decrease the level of stress for everyone; you decide.

How will the changes impact them?  Keeping secrets, in an effort to avoid arguments, to lower your stress level, in an essence intensifies the situation.  When making financial adjustments, everyone should be included during the entire process.  Will you eat out less and cook more meals together at home?  Will you order movies on Netflix in exchange for the theater?  Will you be taking a lunch to work, as opposed to going out with your co-workers?

Where there is no choice to change, there is no chance for a financial breakthrough.  While change brings stress, negative disciplines will be eliminated in exchange for positive results.  For example, if an individual refuses to change bad money management habits such as operating without a budget, excessive ATM use, living above their means, refusal to invest in becoming the best student of their finances and overspending to impress others etc.; there could be little chance for a life changing experience.  If you have been wanting and waiting for things to be different; have more, do more, live more, give more.  Today is a great day to initiate change.  Communicate with your spouse, children, family and friends about the choice that you have made, to change.

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