Choose the right road!  Are you going in the right direction?  As I traveled to a place of business that I have visited on several occasions; I decided to take a short cut and got thrown off course.  I discovered that I was off course driving in the opposite direction, away from my destination.  The scenery did not look familiar and the road signs began to confirm that I was going the wrong way.   However, I used my navigation system to redirect me towards my destination.

Similar things can happen on your financial journey.  Have you ever reached out for help and got started out on course; then you decided to halt your regimen to go on a shopping spree, lend money to a family member or friend and the next thing you notice is that you are off course, going in the wrong direction? Or perhaps, like Mary, who recognized that her finances were spiraling out of control and reached out for help.  In doing so, she started to regain control of her finances.  Mary started an emergency fund and began to clean up her credit profile.  Before she knew it, she had gotten off track again.  Mary begun to overspend, stop balancing her checkbook, stopped saving and became delinquent on her bills.  As a result, her credit score plummeted; all of these things took place because she got distracted and failed to assess her surroundings to get back on course.

Take the financial road test:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings – Does your current financial situation feel as though you have gone off course from your destination, going in the wrong direction?  Does anything look familiar?
  • Use your navigation system – Are you able to identify where you have gone off course? Your financial adviser/coach can help you to find your way back on course.
  • Avoid staying on the wrong path – Are you willing to admit that you are off course? Or have you chosen to ignore the signs? Get back on course.  It’s never too late to bring your finances back into alignment.

Continuing to drive in the opposite direction only hurts your situation; it does not help.  If you are on course towards your journey to debt freedom, congratulations!  I encourage you to take the financial road test to avoid possible financial road blocks or pot holes such as the kind that Mary encountered; that could delay your process.  Be honest with yourself about where you are and get back on the right road today!

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