Remember to keep Christ in Christmas. He is the reason for the season.  Not to impose on your beliefs, but Christmas has become so commercialized that the real reason for celebrating Christmas has gotten lost in the hustle and bustle of shopping and gift giving.  While giving is a generous thing to do, avoid becoming overwhelmed and/or depressed because you don’t have as much as others to give.  Christ is the greatest gift that was given to the world by God.  Let’s celebrate the fact that He was born!

Be upfront and honest with family and friends this year.  Let them know that you are cutting back on gift giving and would like take them out for lunch or invite them to dinner instead.  Avoid feeling awkward or obligated to reciprocate by the big gift givers; just say thank you.  Guilty feelings for receiving a nice gift from someone without the means to give a gift in return snuffs out your holiday cheer.

Gifts from the heart mean so much more than becoming over extended during the Christmas season.  For example, over the years I have baked cookies and given them as gifts to my clients and friends.  The time and love put into baking was a way of showing my love and appreciation for them; the recipients were often grateful.  The most precious gift to give this Christmas holiday is you!


These are examples of gifts from the heart that will not break the bank.

  • Bake cookies and place them in a beautiful tin
  • Babysit for a single mom that needs a break
  • Babysit for a couple that needs a date night
  • House or pet sit for a family that want to go on a vacation and cannot afford boarding
  • Visit or cook dinner for an elderly person that will be spending Christmas alone


There are hundreds of ways to give a gift that will always be remembered and not tossed in a closet and never worn or used.  Please share at least one way that you will give of yourself this Christmas season.  Most of all, remember to leave Christ in Christmas!!!!!  He is the reason for the season.


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