How are your financials plans that you are committed to working for you?

Making a commitment to do something, is easy.  Keeping that commitment can be easy to do and easy not to do; action is required.  This week we will be focusing on another one of the three C’s to living a financially free life.  Last week we focused on “Communication”.   Effectively communicating with your creditors is one of the major keys that keeps the pathway clear for access to hardship programs that could cause late fees to be forgiven or cease, lower payments, and better interest rates.  Timely payments will increase credit scores and as a result could relieve an individual of a great deal of stress.

Financial commitments are easy to make when you are signing on the dotted line to purchase that car, home, motorcycle, jet-ski or land.   It seems exciting when a lender gives you credit and you receive the products.  However, over the course of time, acquiring too much debt can turn that level of excitement into distress, disappointment and possibly destitution.  Avoid becoming committed to debt and lack and become committed to creating a more stress free life by DECIDING to live within your means, but not beneath your privileges.

Some people are motivated to lose weight, eat right, study harder, spend more time with their families, invest more and yes, get out of debt.  The question that you must ask yourself is, “Are you committed to staying in debt and succumbing to lack”?  Or are you committed to creating new disciplines that will change the course of your destiny and “eventually” become debt free and rid yourself of lack”?

These are simple steps to activate a commitment to yourself today:

  • DECIDE to become committed to your destiny
  • Take action
  • Stay focused
  • Surround yourself with positive people who will hold you accountable
  • Quitting cannot be an option

Staying positive and focused on these areas no matter how difficult things seem, will yield positive results.   Negativity and a blurred vision will yield negative unproductive results.

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