Pastor Sarah Bland

Communicating with your creditors is essential while on your financial journey; ignoring them could cause undue stress and could be costly.  On the other hand, when you communicate you take your power back, gain control over the situation and possibly discover debts that are paid in full or forgiven.  Cleaning up your OWN credit report is easier than you think and taking a moment to communicate with your creditors literally pays.  It’s something about the care you give to the PROCESS on your journey towards debt freedom that others may not.

Read more about Pastor Sarah Bland’s powerful testimony of how picking up the phone to communicate with a creditor changed the course of her financial destiny:

As I am pursuing debt deliverance I pulled my credit report and I had some things that thankfully I am able to handle.  So, I called and inquired about settling my debt… the person on the other side of the phone said “ hold on can you be patient with me” I said “ sure” she came back and said” we have taken care of it for you …. you owe us nothing” now this wasn’t a large debt but I’m thankful that I called and Gods love and favor gave me a blessing.

So I pray that God will show you his favor as you align your finances with Him….IJN Amen

Thanks for sharing your story Pastor Sarah Bland!!! Great work!  God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek His Way.





Christine Roebuck/CEO