Last week we discussed counting the cost.  The “cost” can be defined differently.  In some cases, the cost relates to money, sitting down to count the cost to be sure that you make smart financial decisions (Luke 14:28).  It is often some individuals operate without a vision or spending plan and end up in debt.  So, it is very important to first, sit down and count the cost.  One of our Generational Wealth Builders offered noteworthy insight on the spiritual consequences of not counting the cost.

Thank you Dr. Latrice!

“You underestimate what it takes or cost to accomplish your God-given vision and consequently often you won’t complete it.  It’s actually arrogance and in some cases ignorance not to do so.  Although we may not know the full cost, at least attempt, to seek God for the cost. And, just because it cost what it cost, that is no reason not to count it!  This is one of those subjects for me!!”



Dr. Apostle Latrice Williams, Senior Pastor

Divine Grace Ministries International