Have you saved money by using coupons lately?  A customer offered me a $2.00 coupon for laundry detergent that I was purchasing in the store the other day and I thought, what a nice gesture; she saved me $2.00.  I have decided to get back to using coupons for the items that I shop for on a regular basis.  I suggest using coupons every opportunity you get; the savings do add up.  Some coupons print out with your receipt after you have purchased certain items.  Those coupons are usually items that you shop for the most.

Pay attention to the expiration dates and placed them in an organizer until your next visit to the grocery store, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s or wherever.  Some grocery stores will honor expired coupons and through experience Wal-Mart will honor coupons from other stores.

Have any coupon savings stories?

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