Jan 2, 2014

Creating a Culture of “Debt Free Living”!

This week my goal is to talk to people that I meet while I am out and about regarding their Christmas shopping experiences and their views on spending. Today I met Gail in a local department store and she shared that she uses a credit card but never carry a balance.  She explained that she will use the credit card, receive the rewards from using the card and pay it off each month.  Way to go Gail!  Ordinarily the credit card companies will entice consumers to use the credit cards for this purpose, however many consumers are not as discipline as Gail and the balances become inflated.  Gail also shared that she has a stellar credit score at the “800” range.  Great job again Gail!  What that means is that Gail is paying her bills on time and has adopted good behaviors with managing her money.

Lastly, a great point that Gail made during our conversation was that she is teaching this generation about managing money well.  This is essential because parents are getting younger and younger, so there is very little money management experience in some cases; many are living paycheck to paycheck and accruing debt to make ends meet.  Managing your money well, whether you have a lot or a little is one of the major components to moving towards living a debt free life creating new disciplines, replacing the bad ones with the good ones.

Many thanks to Gail for sharing invaluable information that will propel this community of individuals to join the culture of debt free living.  Keep up the great work Gail!


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{Sincerely Chris}