A debt freedom review, is an essential component to keeping your finances on track.  Something very common that many people do, is that they unconsciously sabotage their journey to financial freedom. What do I mean by that?  Some people refuse to review their current situation with eyes wide open, instead with eyes wide shut. How? Sometimes by having a mindset of “Out of sight, out of mind”.

One of the symptoms of a debt grip is refusing to deal with incoming mail, shoving it into a drawer from week to week until there is a large pile.  Out of sight does not mean out of mind.  That knot in your neck could be stress related from thinking about the giant in the drawer (or so it seems). Today, it is time to sit down and review your current situation.  Remove the mail from wherever it is and look at it.  We are discussing owning where you are and not getting stuck in 2016, but reassess where you are; today by review what’s currently happening.

There is nothing you can do to change 2016, however you can change the direction of your financial journey going into 2017.  Review your financial portfolio; is it diversified?  Are you effectively communicating with your creditors? Do you have a strategy in place for moving towards debt freedom?  If you are debt free, do you have plans in place for a next step?  Have you resolved to balance your checkbook this year, curtailed your expenses by not eating out as much or buying that cup of coffee at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or 7 Eleven?  Is your estate planning in order? If you have gotten off track already, not a problem; start over today by reviewing your current state.  If your finances do not resemble what you have envisioned now; CHANGE IT!

Please leave a comment or testimonial if you are on track with your forward-looking intentions towards 2017 for your finances.  If you are off track, share what your plans are for change.  It’s never too late.

Happy New Year!

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