Determination is a key component to executing your financial strategies.  It’s important to start with the end in mind. Avoid allowing “YOU” to talk yourself out of finishing 2016 strong.  For example, starting a new year off right with fresh new ideas, such as, losing weight, eating better, eliminating strife from relationships, and then there’s getting your finances in order.  Maybe you want to save more, invest more, spend less, clean up your credit, increase your credit score and so on. Maybe you started out fine and somewhere along the way, you lose heart.

How determined are you?  Have you ever thought about why most financial resolutions are aborted two to four weeks into the New Year?  Could it be lack of determination to see the task through?  Fear of failure? Hopelessness?  Lack of knowledge?

I’ve found that it’s more than likely for someone to become less determined to see their plans come to fruition, when there’s no written strategy.  Other common distractions are dream killers, procrastination, lack of courage or perhaps disbelief that you can do it.  Examine what or whom may cause you to abandon your plan.

1. Dream killers – Friends that encourage your state of stagnation or procrastination, instead of holding you accountable to your promise to yourself to finish strong.
2. Procrastination – The assassination to any dream or aspiration that you could ever have.
3. Lack of courage – Getting fiscally fit could become paralyzing to the point that you do nothing.  When there is no progress, it is possible to lose the courage and determination to move forward.
4. Disbelief – Believe in yourself when no one else will.

Execute a written strategy and see your financial plan through.  Avoid allowing distractions of all kinds to pull you off course.  Remain determined even when it feels as though nothing is happening.  Losing hope stifles your level of determination.

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