Estrada and her husband Will Dadzie are strong in their faith, successful business owners, tithers, leaders in their community, parents, generational wealth builders and world travelers.  Estrada is a master at giving every dollar an assignment and making her money work for their household.  She offered these tips inside of our Facebook Group with other Generational Wealth Builders:



Look for ways/sources to eliminate wasteful spending and make your money work for you.  Don’t be forgetful or lazy when it comes to utilizing coupons, discounts, and money back mediums such as store rebates and cash back websites/apps like Ebates, and Top Cash Back.




Be intentional about your finances because when you do, it can open doors of financial opportunity that were once closed to you.  I used to say things like it’s only…$5… or $20, etc but it all adds up over time.  I never saw how much money I was leaving on the table (mind you… money I could have been investing).  When a cashback website sends you a check for $1,226.09, you know you have been leaving money on the table.  Especially when it was money you were already going to spend on things you need or must have.

Yes, it can take a little work to form the habit of being mindful of how to spend one’s money, but I’m so happy I did.  2018 alone, I think I have saved somewhere in the ballpark of a little over $15,000 by just being intentional about my finances and I was not even trying hard.  I would start then forget then start again a few weeks or months later.  It took me a long time to get it together because old habits die hard but hallelujah for the change!  I’m looking to quadruple my savings and investing this year.

Thank you for sharing Estrada and congratulations on a job well done!