Have you ever had a check engine light come on in a car that’s only 2 years old or in any car?  It’s not a good feeling, wondering what’s wrong.

After a visit to the dealership this morning, it was determined that the diagnostic test found a $990.00 problem (outside of the warranty).  I remember years ago when I would have been trying to figure out how we would pay $115.00 for the diagnostic test and be extremely worried about paying $990.00 that had not presented itself until this morning.  That’s an emergency everybody!!

Number one, the dealer will definitely be paying for the problem on a two-year old vehicle, not worried about that.  However, the test was paid for from our emergency fund, NO SWEAT!!

Friends, please fund your emergency fund; don’t let an unforeseen situation drain your bank account, alter your plans or steal your peace.

Anybody had an emergency recently?


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