I have received calls this week from individuals that have been and are still eagerly pursuing their financial goals for their families. Some have decided not to allow their 2015 to mirror 2014. There is a father that has decided to change the destiny of his sons by enrolling them in the “Next Level Move Workshop”. Then there are those that have it all together; they are debt free, they have an emergency fund and they have sound financial behaviors. I might point out that if you have a mortgage payment and it is not generating a positive cash flow, it is a liability. If you have car payments and student loans; you are still on the journey to debt freedom.

Being debt free starts with a mindset to become debt free and motivation to see it through. Can it be done? Absolutely! Some of you have accomplish this already and moving to the next step.

I congratulate each and every one of you on ALL levels. This journey is not a sprint it is a MARATHON. It is possible for everyone to start the race at the same time, however some will make it to the finish line at different times. There could be various reasons why that may happen. The most important thing is that you enjoy the journey and get to the finish line. At one point in my life I could run a mile in ten minutes or so, now I walk it in 20 minutes. Life has happened and there are reasons why my time is off. However, all that matters is that I can still make the one mile and I have found that I enjoy the scenery more. It takes guts to be honest with YOURSELF about where you are on this journey. Facing the GIANT is essential! In order to annihilate the giant, massive action is required.

For those of you that have it all together, assess your situation that seems to be just the way you want it; there is always room for improvement. Remember to reach back and help someone who might have had life happen and need encouragement.

The road to victory is sometimes the road least traveled. Don’t be afraid to do the work; stay on the path and you will see the desired results.

Have an unbelievable week!

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