Talking to real people about real issues:  While having a discussion on finances with a young lady that I met by the name of Felicia of Portsmouth, VA; she offered her view as to why people do not ask for financial help.  Felicia stated that “Some people don’t know where to go to get help”.  She suggested that she goes to her credit union for financial assessments etc.  She also suggested that building financial networks (small groups of people who you trust) could help.

Over the years I have learned that some individuals do not seek help at times, because they feel that all hope is lost.  Some fear that they will be judged by professional financial advisers.  Below are other reasons why people do not seek help.

Fear #3 – What family and friends will think

People will form an opinion about you no matter what.  The truth is, that it is impossible to control what friends or family might say concerning your financial situation.

Solution:  If you are facing certain financial struggles, throw yourself a life-line and avoid worrying about whether others are judging you.  If you don’t want others to be aware of your struggles, don’t tell them.  However, find someone who can handle where you are and are trustworthy.  Second, find help that is outside of your social circle.

Fear #4 – Facing the hidden truth

Some people silently hide behind the real truth that they are struggling.  However, they don’t understand the detriment behind remaining purposely blind in it.  Doing nothing to help yourself will make things much worse than it really has to be.

Solution:  If you are having a tough time, do something about your situation.  Take Action!  If it means eliminating your cable and cell phone bill or downsizing your car or house; do that.  While standing behind a man in line at the bank whose balance was reflecting a negative amount (glass windows leaves a lot to be desired for privacy these days).  He kept asking how that could be and the teller keep reading the transactions to him.

My view is that perhaps he miscalculated, operates without a ledger or made his deposit too late and paid the cost with an astronomical amount of late fees or simply struggling and missed the mark.  If you are struggling, first of all own it and secondly refuse to die in it.  If you choose to struggle; struggle on your way out, not in deeper.

The bottom-line is, seek help.  Do your research and find a non-profit organization (church in your community that offers financial classes, credit counseling or credit union) if you feel that you cannot afford a financial coach.  There are many resources out there; find a trusted source and grab a hold of that life-line.

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