Are your financial concerns causing sleep deprivation in your household?  Are you counting dollars instead of sheep?  When it comes to financial matters, women worry more and sleep less than men, according to a new poll.

According to Sienna Kossman (2017), a national survey commissioned by to gauge how money worries affect sleep found that 56 percent of men report occasionally losing sleep over at least one financial problem.  The rate jumps to 68 percent for women.  “It’s true, women worry more,” said Heather Fraser, president and CEO of Logos Financial Solutions in Miami. “We’re worriers.”

Approximately 6 in 10 adult Americans say they lose sleep over at least one financial problem.  Some of the financial concerns at the top of the list that keeps Americans awake at night are: saving for retirement, education costs, paying for health care or insurance bills, paying the monthly rent or mortgage, and credit card debt. (See poll methodology.)

Today’s most common money worry for those over 30 years of age, wealthy individuals and college graduates, is saving enough for retirement.  The second biggest sleep-depriving concern is educational expenses.  College students are incurring record high student loans to earn a degree in their field of choice and many times have difficulty finding a job post-graduation.  Repaying the loans have become a dire concern for the student and the parents.

More than likely, if someone is losing sleep due to financial stress, there is more than one concern that’s keeping them awake.  Kossman (2017) says that “Survey shows that the average person losing sleep said 2.3 money issues are stressing them out and keeping them up”.

Financial stress can interfere with employee’s level of productivity, cause marriages to end in divorce, and could cause someone to be depressed over their financial matters.  38 percent said that other matters causes them to lose sleep.  If your sleeping habits have shifted, take a step back and ask yourself why.  Could financial concerns be the culprit and what are you doing to resolve those matters in order to sleep better?

Your comments are encouraged and welcome.  What are your thoughts?  Are financial concerns keeping you awake?