Financial Discipline takes you from good to great.  Have you ever pondered the reason why it is difficult to accomplish some, if not most of your financial goals?  Take a moment and give it some thought.  Why can’t you meet your goals, live your dreams, live free of financial related stresses?  Finding the root cause of what’s preventing you from excelling to great requires honesty, open-mindedness and vulnerability.  

Discipline is an ally of financial success and an enemy to out of control money habits.  Identify the root cause of your failure to succeed in this area.  What are your money habits that are running rampant?   It will be next to impossible to correct the culprits that is impeding your journey without identifying what they are.  Determining the root cause requires honesty with yourself.  Assess your situation and own whatever that is. 

If you are in a good place and want to go to great, be willing to be vulnerable.  Share with a trusted financial adviser or coach where you are and prepare to make radical changes to go from good to great.  Only share with a friend who can provide sound guidance in this area, will not judge you or break your confidentiality.  Going from good to great requires:  preparation, eliminating all excuses, data dumping negativity and above all, action.  

  1. Preparation – Prepare for greatness.  Find your favorite place to think and map out a plan to conquer the things that are impeding your journey.  For example, if it’s people who are draining your time and money, it’s time to shift gears.  People can only do what you allow.  If it’s fear of success, get out of your way and make room for faith; believe in yourself. 
  2. Eliminate all excuses – Everybody has at least one.  Avoid allowing excuses to be in the driver seat of your financial legacy, journey.  For example, each year looks like the last.  Why?  Because your schedule didn’t allow you to do anything different.  Examine your schedule; whatever is working against your path to “greatness “, consider eliminating it or make adjustments.  Prioritize what’s important and place the rest on the back burner. 
  3. Data dumping negativity Negative thoughts and people are the enemy of your progress.  Dump them both!  I’m not implying that you should sever relationships.  In other words, check your circles, starting with you.  Your financial legacy depends upon you making sound money disciplines. 


Create room for growth by incorporating discipline into your finances.  Get prepared to excel, eliminate every excuse that enters you mind and rid yourself of negativity.  Your comments are encouraged and welcome.  E-mail me at