SPECIFIC – Be specific and understand the purpose of goal-setting.  Goal setting should be intentional, not hap-hazard.  If you want to lose weight, ask yourself questions such as, how many pounds?  What will my diet and exercise regime look like?  Will I have a personal trainer etc.?

The same ideology applies with your finances.  Have clarity on what you are seeking.  Debt freedom?  Why?  Are you willing to work on YOU?  Are you willing to exchange your bad behaviors for good ones?  Are you willing to invest time and money in becoming educated on how to become debt free?  Are you willing to work longer hours or add and additional stream of income (second job or start a business)?  Whatever your reason…be specific, understand it and act on it.

MEASURABLE – Never compare your level of success with others.  We all are on a different journey; instead create your own rating system.  Create a tracking system that fits you.  For example, ask yourself, how are my saving and spending habits different this year, than last year?  Have I invested more, less or not at all over the past 5 years?  Understand that whatever the answer to these questions and many more that you could use for creating your measuring system; if you do not make any changes the next 5 years will look the same as the last five.

ATTAINABLE – EVERY realistic goal is attainable when you believe that you can attain it and when the correct amount of “Focus and Effort” are applied.  Avoid talking yourself out of attaining S.M.A.R.T. goals.  Stay focused and stay the course.

REALISTIC & TIMELY – Make “Lofty” goals with a realistic strategy.  If you want to become debt free; GREAT!  What’s your plan?  Where will the $$$ come from?  Realistically you did not get in debt over night and chances are, you will not get out overnight without applying self-discipline, creating new behaviors and additional streams of income.  Set short-term or long-term goals according to your situation.  Remember to be specific, measure your progress and understand that realistic goals are attainable.  Time is of the essence; stay focused and see your goal through with excellence!

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