Can you believe January 2015 is gone? Hello February?? My view on New Year’s resolutions is that they only work if you stick to them. When an individual set goals of any kind and stick to them for at least 30 days; the next 30 days will look pretty promising throughout of the year. If you found that you did not do so well, not a problem. Today is a great day to start over or get started!

January’s focus was on financial fitness. It was the month for reflecting on 2014, reviewing the current status of your situation and for some, accepting a challenge to change the direction of their financial destiny. Moving forward, as a reminder, get those free credit reports at This is a government website that allows consumers to pull their credit reports once per year for free and it does not harm your credit score. Avoid pulling your own credit report; doing so could have a negative affect on your credit score.

I suggest getting all three (Experian, Transunion & Equifax). Pull from one repository, once per quarter in an effort to monitor for fraudulent activity. Also, use as an alternate. “CNN Money is calling 2014 “the year of the hack,” further highlighting the importance of keeping a close eye on your credit. Lenders typically report to the bureaus once a month, so checking up on your credit regularly is a good goal.” Dispute any derogatory credit that is not yours. The credit repositories will conduct an investigation with an effort to resolve the matter.

My suggestion on constant monitoring for fraudulent activity would be to invest in an identity theft protection plan with complete identity restoration that is handled by professional forensic investigators.

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