Understanding generational wealth and money is essential.  Many people seek after money with the wrong motive, greed.  Your view of wealth and money, whether skewed or clear, could be the legacy that you leave your children, grandchildren and others that you influence.    Have you ever been honest with yourself about your motives regarding your money?  I challenge you to sit down and honestly answer these questions:  Why are you working?  Why do you have the obligations before you?  What are you really seeking after and why?  What is your strategy for meeting your goals and aspirations?  How are you continuing your financial education?

According to Robert Kiyosaki (2013), “Lots of people become rich.  But, only the financially intelligent people can become wealthy and it takes a strong financial education that allows you to build cash-flowing business and assets.”

“Wealth” is defined as:  A large amount of money and possessions.  This is the definition that most people are familiar with.  Kiyosaki simplifies wealth, in a nutshell:

Wealth: “The ability to survive a certain number of days forward.  There is a difference between wealth and money.”

What could be confusing to most, is a lifestyle for others.  Some people work to gain wealth while others work to maintain wealth.  My view is that being wealthy is a gift and a mindset.  Wealth is more than possessions of large sums of money.  Wealthy people do not work for money, simply to spend every dime.  However, they find smart ways to make their money work for them.  For example, when a wealthy person is unable to work they are still able to meet their obligations and maintain their lifestyle.  How many days can you survive on your version of wealth?  While there are different views on this subject, having money does not guarantee that you will always have peace, simply because you have large sums of it.  What it could guarantee if managed and invested well, is that your family and other obligations will be taken care of.

Robert Kiyosaki, asserts that (USA Today) the number one fear of Americans, is running out of money (Who Took My Money?, 2004).  Many Americans work longer hours, work several jobs to ensure that there is more money at the end of the month and for some, to secure more wants above needs.  For example, some individuals strive to make more money to spend more; buy a newer vehicle or home, a larger television, clothes shopping, purchase the newest technology (IPad’s, IPhone’s Laptop Computers, or Notebooks).  It’s your prerogative, but give wealth and money some thought.  Understand your money and your motives regarding it.  Ask yourself, are you constantly accumulating more liabilities than assets?  Do you have more than one job?  Why?  Is your extra income being invested, or re-directed towards more wants or needs?  Are you working to become wealthy to find peace?

Rich people trade time for dollars, they have expenses with a stressful job that keeps them up at night and at times would trade their money for better health, peace or joy.  Wealthy people don’t worry about money because they have invested and managed well; for the most part are philanthropists that have peace and joy.  Being wealthy is being able to maintain your sanity when all of your money is gone.

My view is that the love of money, greed is the root of all evil that can cause you to be without peace.  God is the giver of wealth, peace, joy and is the One that should be sought after the most and everything you need will be supplied. Whatever your thoughts on this subject, assess your motives and make the adjustments to the areas that are causing you to stumble or become confused about where you are with money and wealth.

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