This story was inspired by a question posed in the Debt Free Lounge about meal planning.  Anytime someone (restaurant, takeout or in the local deli of your grocery store) is slicing or dicing for you, you are paying to much.  There are several Generational Wealth Builders who are managing their finances well and staying healthy by preparing their own meals while giving every dollar an assignment,  I have decided to share this very interesting comment by one of our Generational Wealth Builders, Prophet Portia Smart, who is winning with the Word of God.

Prophet Smart wrote:  Meal planning is so key to manifesting & getting closer to debt-free living & better time management! I try to do it on weekends or as I’m already preparing one meal. Why not?—I’m already in the kitchen & can get the cooking, chopping & cleaning done in one shot.  For example—I’ll buy 3 packs of ground turkey & while I’m making spaghetti w/ 1 pack, I’ve got similar veggies out for making Burrito meat & “Beef” Stroganoff with the other 2 packs–the only difference is the seasoning, sauces, etc! That’s just 3 versatile meals done w/one time in the kitchen! Sandwich/wrap prep for lunch can be done in-between. You know we have to keep our meals International & versatile! Oh & that slow cooker & air fryer makes the meal prep faster also. In many cases, it’s healthier & tastes better too!

Great job Prophet Portia and thank you for sharing your story.





Christine Roebuck/CEO