We are approaching Thanksgiving, a holiday when family and friends gather together to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal, good company, and good conversation.  As a child, I remember how exciting it was to smell Thanksgiving dinner being cooked in my mother’s kitchen.  She would cook cornbread dressing and collard greens, just to name part of the menu.  My job was to prepare the cake batter and of course licking the spoon once finished for a kid, was a treat.  Helping my mother in the kitchen was something that I looked forward to.

Smelling the sweet potato pies being prepared at my grandmother’s, was delightful.  More than anything hearing the account of the cousins, uncles, aunts and other grandparents who would be arriving from different parts of the country was extremely exciting.  On Thanksgiving day we would all visit each other’s homes simply to spend time together and of course to enjoy those delicious home-cooked meals.

As you prepare for Thanksgiving, I encourage you to reflect on what Thanksgiving means to you; how you spent it as a child and how you choose to spend it today.  Whatever your state of mind or financial condition, think about what means the most to you that money cannot buy.  Family, friends, peace, love, and joy are a gift from God and should be cherished.  Remember to open your heart and give thanks in all things. Consider opening your home and your wallet to bless a family who is less fortunate.  Food is a by-product of coming together.  The love and fellowship with family and friends shared together is priceless.

Feel free to share how you will be spending your Thanksgiving holiday.





Christine Roebuck/CEO

From our team to your family, Happy Thanksgiving!