December 22, 2013

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men!

Three days before Christmas!

Year after year we spend an excessive amount of money on Christmas gifts and that is ok if you can afford it.  I would implore you to continue to shop for Christmas deals as well as seek ways to give of yourself.  I decided to share three examples of good deeds in different ways that has taken a domino effect.

A friend shared that she examined her normal habits of shopping for Christmas and decided that instead of shopping in the midst of hustle and bustle of the malls, she ordered on line, took advantage of free shipping and tremendous savings on some of the same merchandise in store.  For some, being in the hustle and bustle of the crowds Christmas shopping is fun and exciting.

The same person noticed that there was a need in her immediate family that she had not noticed before and decided to make Christmas brighter by shopping for a struggling, young single mother of three children.  The gifts were purchased online and shipped directly to the family member; she received free shipping, saving on UPS and/or USPS cost.


Person number two shared that she will be visiting her grandchildren out of state in January, therefore her plans are to shop for after Christmas deals and take the gifts when she goes to visit.


Person number three is a master chef that invested his time and smoked a substantial amount of delicious barbecue for hours then delivered it as a gift to eight different people.  ALL recipients were extremely appreciative; they sent notes of gratitude that were priceless!


Everyone can give of themselves in some way.  Call a parent, sibling or friend that you haven’t spoken with this year or perhaps go shopping for an elderly person or take them Christmas dinner.  Stop for a moment and think of how you may be able to brighten someone’s day or possibly change their lives with your actions of kindness.


Leave a comment and share ways that you are spreading goodwill toward men, giving of yourself this Christmas season.


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{Sincerely Chris}