Are you throwing money away? Have you given your money an assignment this month? Just in case you have allowed your money to aimlessly dictate your month; there is still time to regain control. Taking the time to sit down and place a name on each dollar bill is not only a responsible thing to do for your family, but a very effective way to track your expenses.

Have you ever wondered what happened to that $20.00 bill once you left “Five Bucks” after getting coffee and a pastry? Was that a part of the plan for your money? Was the $100.00 spent at dinner in your budget for the month? Yes, you deserved it, but was it factored in with your monthly expenses? Was the money spent allocated for your gas or electric bill, but you felt that you will pay it next month? Now your bill is past due, late charge is assessed and the stress to cover both months, can become overwhelming. Don’t EXPECT different results if your HABITS are the same.

The tip of the week is to give every dollar an assignment. For example, look at your spending plan and allocate every dollar. Include that dinner or coffee into the budget. If there is not enough money to have dinner out on the town or go out for coffee; get creative and make your favorite meal; get dressed up and have it by candle light at home. On the other hand, if you can afford it, make sure you allocate the funds just the same. An individual can have lots of money and develop poor habits. I have often said that when your money is being spent blindly, roll down the car window after every mile driven and throw it out of the window. The moral of the straight talk is to remind you to dictate the direction that your money is spent instead of being emotionally guided by your money.

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