Chris Roebuck-HeadshotThank you for reading my blogs over the past year and sharing the knowledge gained, to empower others to live well and free from the grip of debt.  This year will be an incredible year of “FOCUS”.  My goal will be to help you to bring your visions, goals and dreams back into focus so that you will be able to continue on your journey towards debt freedom.

Many of you will experience what it feels like to have your money work for you and not the other way around.  Through creating new disciplines, exchanging bad behaviors with good behaviors you will save more, give more, increase your investments, have more to spend and as a result, live a more stress free life.

We extend best wishes to you and your families all over the world.  May your joy be full, all of your goals be met as you conquer every challenge that you are faced with and celebrate every victory that you will experience in 2016.

We here at “Live My Life Debt Free” look forward to taking this journey of “Intentional Focus” with you in 2016.

Chris Roebuck