11 days before Christmas!

There are only eleven days before Christmas, college students are home for the holidays, many people are attending Christmas parties and everyone is in the Christmas spirit.  This is a friendly reminder to be vigilant as you celebrate with your loved ones this holiday season.   Crime is very high during this time of the year.  Below are (ABC News 2013) tips that are helpful for your safety:

1)      Park within well-lit areas close to your destination.  “Parking lots and structures are typically the most dangerous places at the mall,” according to security firm ADT.   If shopping alone, ask security personnel for an escort to your car.  Carry your keys in your hand to use as a weapon if necessary.

2)      When entering your car, remember E.L.F.S. —  Enter the car, Lock the doors, Fasten seat belts and Scram, recommended the Monmouth County, New Jersey Sheriff’s Office in a statement.

3)      Pick restrooms in well-lit and well-trafficked areas of the mall.  Always accompany children to the restroom.

4)      Be mindful of your surroundings and the things you’re carrying.  Don’t overload yourself with packages or become distracted by your cell phone.

5)      Always know where the closest exit is located in case of fire or another emergency.

Remember that money and Christmas gifts can be replaced, but your life cannot.  Happy Shopping and remember to stay safe; be vigilant at all times.

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