Planning for Christmas does not have to be a financial burden, if you plan properly.  This is by far one of my favorite shares from individuals who will not stress this Christmas because she had a plan and executed it beautifully.

I would title this story, “The Power of Planning and Execution.”  Meet Minister Lisa and her beautiful daughters.  Min Lisa developed a plan earlier in the year and stuck to it.  Great work Min Lisa, and thank you for sharing!!

Read her story in her own words:  I wanted to tell you what I did for Christmas this year.  At the onset of the year I started buying gift cards each month and putting them in an envelope marked Christmas Club.  Beginning in the month of October, I started buying gifts for my girls and now, I’m done shopping.

The cards ensured that I stayed within a budget and there was no added holiday expense to distract me from my savings goals.

Minister Lisa

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