Have you desired to purchase a new home or pay off your debt, mainly your student loans?  But do you feel it is impossible or just out of reach?  Meet Minister Latasha Thoms; in her own words, she describes how she crushed her financial goals in 2022:


“The Lord has truly made a way for me in 2022. My husband and I were able to purchase our first home in July, and my student loans were paid off (by me, not forgiveness). Obedience has truly paved the way, and God has shown himself mighty time and time again concerning my finances.”



Minister LaTasha is a mastermind of her finances who pairs her faith with her finances.  She did the work and developed the financial disciplines needed to manage her money well, doing simple things such as meeting her obligations on time, prioritizing her needs versus wants, giving, saving, and spending wisely is a priority.  Great work Latasha!  The best is yet to come!

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