Become the best student of your life TODAY!  Yes, your finances are included.  Becoming a student of your finances will improve your quality of life immensely!  You will be happier and for some more joyful and pleasant to be around.  Break the link to the chain that controls your destiny to financial wellness.

Justus Rudisill made a poignant statement regarding the journey towards financial wellness in the “Next Level Move” class, last weekend.  He said that “There is no destination without the journey”.  In other words, avoid aborting the journey; good, bad or indifferent.   I encourage you to become the best student of your journey; inspect what you expect.  Find positive things in less fortunate situations as it pertains to your finances.  For example, you may have lost everything as a result of a divorce, job loss, bankruptcy or death of a loved one that was the bread-winner in your family.  While these things can be traumatic, it is a part of your journey; embrace it and continue to your destination.

I encourage you to conquer whatever frightens you the most about dealing with your finances.  More month than money?  Not a problem.  You can conquer that; don’t be afraid to reach out for help.  Facing foreclosure?  Not a problem; ask for help before the situation gets too far out of hand.  Received an inheritance and now your family and friends see you as a purse, wallet, or bank and only call when they want something?  I think you know the response, reach out for help; you cannot save the world.

Maybe your life event isn’t seen here.  Perhaps you are a great manager of your finances and all is well.  I challenge you to continue to strive for massive improvement and move to the next level, whatever that means for you.  Study your current situation and take charge!  The journey is necessary and the destination towards financial wellness (a happier, joyful you), is in view.

Help is only a click away!  Our team is waiting to help.  Have an unbelievable week!

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