You are at your strongest when you think you have hit rock bottom.  No matter how low you feel in your finances, there is always a way to rise.  Good money management is vital to your success.  Meet Kim Joyner, who found herself in that place but fought to get back on her feet and became debt free.

Over the years, I have worked with Chris Roebuck and was transparent about financial struggles.  I found myself in hard places as a single mom, but God always saw me through them. No matter how difficult the situation, as a Christian, I was committed to paying my tithes.  I am grateful for the biblical teachings and the financial disciplines I learned that sustain me as nothing else can.

A couple of years ago, financially, I was in a low place in my life.  I was determined to get back on my feet.  My sister and brother-in-law offered to help me for as long as needed.  I put my pride aside and moved in with them.  I went as lean as possible and assigned every dollar towards paying off my debt.  During the process, my credit scores increased, I had a new job, and recently moved into my own place. God is better than good!

I thank God for you, Chris Roebuck, for teaching me how to apply biblical principles to my finances which sustain me as nothing else can.

Congratulations Kim!!  Well done!  The best is yet to come.

Christine Roebuck
Financial Strategist