This year I am celebrating wealth builders who crushed their financial goals in 2022 and have a strategy to do the same or better in 2023.  Have you ever accumulated and kept things that have served their purpose because you are emotionally attached to them?  What could you do with an extra $35K or more?  What about an additional $400?  If you are in debt and want to be free of it, look around your house and assess what you have that can be sold.  Post them on Marketplace, OfferUp, or have a yard sale and pay something off.

Meet Larcenia (Larceni) Hall; she crushed it in 2022!!!

Larceni is debt free, continues sharpening her financial ax, and uses the wisdom and knowledge gained to her advantage.  She and her husband created a $35K surplus for their household in 2022.💰💰💰  How?  Their family outgrew one of their vehicles, so they sold it.  Larceni said, “We always needed a large vehicle for family vacations with our grandchildren.  That vehicle sat in the garage for some time or was driven occasionally to and from the store.  However, now that our children and grandchildren are older, the family Ford Expedition served its purpose, and it is no longer needed.”  She posted it on Marketplace, sold it just like that, and received a check for $35k.  Furthermore, she wanted an Apple watch and didn’t want to pay $400.  Now that she is retired, she sold her work suits that she doesn’t wear anymore to consignment shops for $700 and purchased the watch in cash. Clap it up for Larceni!!!!

Larceni depends on her faith in God with her finances.  She says, “If you feel hopeless and don’t know where to start, start on your knees.”  Great words of wisdom Larceni!! God’s plan is the only perfect plan. (Jeremiah 29:11; Proverbs 16:3)

Great work!  Keep building wealth for generations to come.  Please feel free to leave an encouraging comment.

Christine Roebuck
Financial Strategist