This week’s focus was living beneath your means.  Have you ever tried to keep up with the Joneses?  Who are the Joneses?  The Joneses are those people who are broke at a higher level.  They are not good money managers, but they are very good at faking it until they “Make it.”  Before you stop reading, the Joneses live “ABOVE” their means.  They are flashy, name-brand everything, they live in big beautiful homes, drive fancy cars, but they cannot pay their bills, are irresponsible with their money, and are on the brink of going into foreclosure.  So from middle to low income to the rich and famous, the Joneses exist in your neighborhood.


The Joneses spend more than they earn and are not good money managers.  Living beneath your means is simply that your bottom line is a surplus, which means you manage your finances well.  It means that you are spending within the perimeters of your earnings.  When you live within your means, you have developed a much-needed discipline to lead you towards a better lifestyle and financial independence.

One of the tips of the week is to count your blessings before you.  While you are on your journey to financial freedom, avoid comparing yourself to others.  Don’t wish you had anyone’s lifestyle because you don’t know what they went through to get it.  Live below your means, but not beneath your privileges.

Be grateful for your journey.  You are next in line!

Christine Roebuck, Financial Strategist