Robin Sloan is a phenomenal Life Coach, Professional Speaker and CEO of I.Y.N.W.? (Is Your Net Working?) She counsels and coaches individuals that often ask the question, “How do I move from one point to the next”?  While there is no perfect solution; Sloan gives a POWERFUL, simplistic analogy that could help anyone with a desire to move to the next level and accepts the challenge.

“Mother may I take 1 baby step?” –“YES, YOU MAY!”

This was a question posed by many of us, who where of the 70’s era on back, while playing a classic game called, “Mother may I?”  Depending on the region in which one lived, the word “Mother” was exchanged for “Father” or “Captain,” but the rules remained the same.

The basic object of the game was to reach a target, designated by the person chosen as mother, by following different commands.  While standing side by side, at a distance from the destination, players would be commanded by the “mother” to take a random number of steps towards them.  For example the “mother” will say “Bobby, take 3 giant steps.”  Before the player takes the steps they must ask the “mother” “Mother may I?” The mother then answers, “Yes you may.”  The player then may take the steps towards the “mother”.  The types of steps would vary with each child; some being giant, tiny, baby, crawling, twirling, backwards, marching steps, and etc. Regardless how they arrive, the first player to reach “mother” gets to be the new “mother”.  Now, you may be asking, “What does this have to do with anything?”  I’m glad you asked! It has everything to do with MOVING to the NEXT LEVEL!

Whether it’s time to TAKE ACTION towards moving to the next level in your finances, career, relationships, health, spiritual walk or over all well-being, IT”S OKAY TO TAKE BABY STEPS!  In this journey of being human, transformation in any of the previously mentioned areas of life can appear to be a bit overwhelming and it can help if the needed changes take place in small increments.  As an old African proverb goes, “How do you eat an elephant? -One bite at a time! If you have a CLEAR VISION of what you want, no matter how great of a goal it is, no matter how far off it may appear you are from your target, by operating in confident FAITH and applying the right knowledge consistently, eventually you will succeed…1 baby step, “NEXT LEVEL MOVE” at a time!

Oh! Incidentally, in the game example above, if the player forgets to ask “Mother may I?” after getting directions on the type of steps they should take, the player must go all the way back to the starting line.  (Now, that’s another whole teaching on setbacks.) Lol!

Robin Sloan- The I.Y.N.W.? Group LIFE Coach, Professional Speaker

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