Make your list and check it twice.  The Christmas season can be extremely exciting and at the same time, stressful for some people for different reasons.  Loss of a loved one, loss of personal property due to natural disasters this year, loss a job or experienced a separation or divorce.  While there are many things that can add to the stress of preparing for the Christmas holiday, there are simple ways that you can reduce your level of stress.

  • Make a list for food shopping

I don’t know about you, but if I fail to eat prior to food shopping, I tend to spend more.  Have a snack before shopping.  Make your list, stick to it and remember to take it with you!  It’s possible that items that were not on the list will follow you home, without having it in hand.

  • Personalize it

We live in a society where everything is shared via text, e-mail, Snap Chat, FaceTime, Instagram, Facebook etc.  Take a moment of your time to personalize a Christmas card with a written note or photo inside and mail it.  This is a priceless gesture that will be cherished.

  • Give to those less fortunate

Spread some Christmas cheer!  There are so many people who have unmet needs right now.  Take a moment to do community outreach and in some cases, you may have family members who are in need, take a moment to inquire.  Locate a family or child that is less fortunate and give from your heart.  Invite them to dinner or deliver a hot meal to an elderly person.

  • Avoid shopping out of obligation

Once you have made your shopping list, stick to it.  Avoid spending more, out of obligation.  What do I mean by that?  You will have someone who will purchase a gift for you this Christmas, but they may not be on your list.  What will you do?  How will that make you feel?  Will you go out on Christmas eve and purchase them a gift or will you just say, thank you?

  • Keep the real reason for the season in view

Christmas has become so commercialized that the real reason for the season could at times become far removed from clear view.  Jesus Christ is the real reason for the season.  Christians celebrate the birth of Christ; the greatest God given Gift to the world.  Remember that without Christ, there would be no reason to celebrate Christmas.  Make Jesus Christ top priority on your list.   “Make your list and check it twice.”  Keep the real reason for the season in view.

Merry Christmas to your family from our team here at “Live My Life Debt Free”!

Chris Roebuck, CEO