“B.O.S.S.” = Building On Strong Solutions!

Develop a “Boss” like mentality with your finances.  The slang for boss means incredible, awesome, very good or excellent.  Managing your finances is sometimes taboo or dreadful for individuals that struggle to adequately meet their obligations.  The lack of knowledge and stress of knowing that your financial situation is in disarray can cause you to digress and move into a mode of avoidance.  Avoidance of openly discussing your finances with your spouse or significant other or maintaining practical, good behaviors that will allow you to receive positive results from your creditors.  Another mode of avoidance is adopting amnesia or a form of denial that the train has derailed.  Denial, avoidance, lack of knowledge and non-communication does not lead to excellence.  You can start managing your finances like a boss today!  Get the train back on track and keep it moving.

In order to manage your finances and yield the desired results, there are essential steps to take into consideration:

  • Responsibility – Take responsibility of your finances; own where ever you are.  If things are rocky, face it and be determined to cause change to happen.  Avoid allowing another day to pass without taking control over your situation.
  • Honesty – Honesty is the best policy when dealing with “You”.  Be honest with yourself about your situation and stop worrying about what other people think.  Focus on what needs to be done to bring your debts current or change a less than very good credit profile/scores to awesome. Gain the knowledge that you need and do not apologize for doing well.
  • Eliminate Excuses – Eliminate every excuse that prevents you from achieving your set goals for your financial future.  Ask yourself, do I have money saved for any emergency, job loss, broken window, or flat tire.  There are many excuses that you could use for not having an emergency fund or increasing the existing one.  Make it a point to eliminate them all!
  • Discipline – Implement a strategy and stick with it.  If you do not know how to create a strategy, talk to a financial counselor for help.

I had a conversation with a friend; I will call her Tina, who was affected by the Macy’s store closures.  She shared that she is okay; she has enough money to hold her through the summer, her debts are paid in full; she is in school and focused.  Tina says that she has no worries! She has co-workers that are not as prepared and worried about how they will pay their bills.  It was so exciting to hear how well she had managed her finances, like a “Boss”.  She was honest with herself, turned her past situation around, took responsibility of her situation while she was employed; eliminated all excuses and was disciplined enough to manage her finances like a “BOSS”!  Excellent work Tina!

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