The New Year resolutions have been made.  Now what?  We are in the second week of a new year, that promises new opportunities and new horizons.  A new year brings so much excitement, high expectations and some anxiety to meet those expectations.  It is so exciting to imagine what a new year will bring, that it almost seems as though things will magically change or become better simply because the clock has struck 12:00 a.m.  Now the pressure is on for the weight to come off, relationships to improve, get to the gym, finances to fix itself and every other goals that has been set to be accomplished.  The truth is that every emotion that comes with the great expectations do exist.  However, meeting those goals requires work; determination, discipline and endurance.   

A study showed that 75% of people who make New Year’s resolutions abandon them by March and less than 23% stick with the resolutions made for the said New Year.  Where do you rate in these two categories?  Do you set goals year after year and rarely see them through?  What will you do this year to stay true to your 2017 resolutions?  

My view on making resolutions is to have New Year’s Eve reflections upon the previous year instead.  Reflections could serve as not only a reminder of goals that were previously set, but provides encouragement to see the goals for the coming year through.  What promise have you made yourself?  Lose weight/eat healthier?  What will your finances look like in 2017?  Will you save more?  Invest more?  Payoff debt?  Increase your income?  If you have not prayed about and ponder over your plans for 2017; you are already moving towards a March, fall out.  There is still time to take a moment and refocus.  I encourage you to seriously think about your financial goals for 2017.  Choosing to do the same thing that you did in 2016 will yield the same results in 2017.  Above all don’t abandon ship.  These are some common-sense tips that could be helpful: 

  • Invest time to seek God about His plans for your life/finances in 2017.
  • Prepare a written plan – Make it visible in places that you frequent.
  • Make a concerted effort to inspect your circles – If the people in your life are not pushing you up and holding you accountable; it’s time to change your circle.
  • Make lofty, audacious goals and stick to them – No set, written goals = Unfavorable results.
  • Stay focused, refuse to quit, stay the course…

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