This month will be focused on NEXT LEVEL MOVES!  Are you ready for a next level move?

My local church is focusing on areas that are an intricate part of the mission for Live My Life Debt Free.  Three “E’s”, Educating, Empowering and Equipping, “Stepping into success” (Grove Church, VA).  I believe that empowering people to live the absolute best life that they can, is essential.  Educating yourself is great.  At times some people spend more time getting ALL of the book knowledge and never do anything with it.  In order to move forward/upward, an individual must take ACTION.  I would argue that learning everything that you possibly can about managing your finances alone does not empower a person.  It is empowering to see transformation take place as a result of getting equipped to face the challenges that will arise while on this journey.

This month here at LMLDF we will be focusing on continued education, empowerment and becoming equipped to follow through; your help will be needed.  How can you help?  Take ACTION NOW!  Some of you or someone you know might be one step away from becoming empowered, educated and equipped to meet your/their goals.

Post, message on Facebook or e-mail me a question that is financially related that you or a friend may have that could be preventing you or them from moving to the next level.  If you are fine, tell a friend that they have an opportunity to step into success.  I look forward to reading and answering your questions.

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