Do the work!  Just move!

Make “A” move, any move. You’ll never know if things will change until you do.  I was inspired to write this blog after receiving an incredible milestone testimony from one of the wealth-builders in our community.  Before I share this wealth builder’s accomplishments, I want to encourage you to make your move.  Let me put it this way; it doesn’t matter the condition of your finances, just move. 

This wealth builder’s name is protected for confidentiality purposes.  Just a few short years ago, they filed bankruptcy, nearly foreclosed on their home twice, credit scores were in the 540s, no savings, no emergency fund, and their bottom-line were in the negative.  This individual was not coachable, teachable, and refused to make any changes they were more than capable of producing.  In their own words, “I know what to do, but I don’t want to do it.”  In other words, I am not willing to participate in my own rescue.  I am not making any moves.

The report today was, “I’m making more credit moves!  I am refinancing my mortgage for a lower rate from 4.375% to 3% and shorter-term; payment increase of only $30 per month, and the bank waived all closing costs.  This “MOVE” shaved six years off this wealth-builders mortgage payoff.  That’s six years of interest, money that remains in their bank account, retirement, or other investments.  The next move that they are making is developing a strategy to eliminate their student loans.  They have an emergency fund, savings, and excellent credit scores (Equifax 780, TransUnion 781, and Experian 749).  Because of the trajectory over the past months and years, they will accomplish their goals.

Everybody story is different.  However, everyone can do something to help themselves.  Be teachable, coachable, and open-minded to change.  The key here is to do something! “MOVE!”

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