Stretch your dollar; try off-season shopping.  When is it a good time to find deals?  Traditionally off-season shopping is the best time to purchase the items that you wear the most and purchase some of the items that you want, at a huge discount.  While it makes sense to look for deals throughout the year; stores have to make room for winter merchandise and summer alike.  Towards the end of each season you will find that the savings could range from 60% to 80% off of the original price and at times you can save an additional 25% off of clearance items.

Some people find it difficult to think of purchasing winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes and shoes in the winter.  However, keep an eye out for the items that your family wear the most and stock up.  For example, T-shirts can be bought at a reduced cost and can be found in all colors.  When purchasing these items for children, purchase a size larger because it’s possible that a growth spurt can happen before the following summer.  Where can you find great deals?  Outlet malls or big retailers where designer clothes are sent to make room with more trendy items for the upcoming season. 

How does off-season shopping benefit you and your family?  Shifting your mindset to off-season shopping could become a major money saver and a life-style change.  The most challenging part to adapting to this life-style could be waiting until an item that you want goes on sale, taking the risk of it being sold or waiting until the end of the season.  Either way, just give it a try, purchase your summer vacation clothes, such as capri’s, shorts, t-shirts, sandals and swim suits in the Fall or winter.  You will find that you can get huge deals and have all of your shopping finished before next summer come, with money in your pocket for other expenditures.

Be intentional with your purchases.  Shop with a spending plan in mind.  If you are looking for sun dresses, swim suits, shorts or sandals; know your plan before leaving home and stick to it. 

Happy shopping and saving! 

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